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Because you can’t afford not to. 30% of all credit cards expire each year.  Fraud is on the rise, and canceled credit cards along with it.  Debit cards are increasingly being used online while people’s funds are diminishing.  Pre-paid card usage is growing rapidly.  All of these factors are severely reducing the rates of approved authorizations for recurring billing merchants.  At PLC, we can evaluate quickly where you are being hit the hardest and help you implement the best practices to stop the bleeding, recoup the revenue, and maintain your existing customer relationships for the long-haul.

We don’t stop there.  Not only will we ensure you are optimizing your revenue side, we can help you reduce costs on the processing side.  With deep relationships at the world’s leading merchant processors and more than 70 years of combined experience with navigating the operational terrain, we help card not present merchants ensure the best processor relationship, operational set up, and chargeback handling process for their specific needs.

The team at PLC has its roots in direct marketing.  From a culture focused on rigorous offer testing, balancing conversion, retention, and lifetime value, we are well-suited to ensure your offer to your consumers is structured to optimize the factors that will impact your revenue the most.