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New Visa Chargeback and Fraud Monitoring Rules

Effective January 1, 2016, Visa has changed their fraud (also called the RIS) and chargeback monitoring programs.  This may come as good news for some merchants who were worried about an increase in online fraud as EMV is rolled out across the U.S.  The chargeback side of the fence is essentially the same for domestic chargebacks, but now international rules will match those that have been in existence in the U.S. for some time.

So what’s new?  Merchants globally will enter the chargeback monitoring program if their ratio of chargebacks to sales reaches or exceeds one percent in a given month AND if the chargeback volume exceeds 100.

The fraud program has increased the allowable dollar amount threefold to $75,000 USD in fraud sales AND 1% ratio of fraud dollars to sales dollars within a month.  The ratio has been reduced, but the allowed dollar volume increase is substantial.

Visa chargeback and fraud rules

Also, rumor has it that any merchant who entered the program in Q4 of 2015 will be forgiven and able to start fresh with the new program in 2016.  Discuss this with your account manager at your merchant processor if applicable.  And if you reached the thresholds in December, sit back with a sigh of relief and focus on January.

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