PayPal is a Merchant Must Have

What started off as an alternative payment is anything but nowadays.  Recurring billing merchants do well to implement PayPal as an offered method of payment for customers.  With almost 300 million customers, we’ve seen use increase dramatically over the years.  Recurring merchants can take advantage of PayPal’s ease of use and the feeling of security that PayPal offers.

And if you’re thinking of entering global markets, but not sure if you want to set up a foreign entity, PayPal could be a nice way to ease in.  It will allow you to accept payments without having to set up every local payment method.  With its broad reach, PayPal supports over a 100 different currencies.

Alternative methods of payments keep shifting and growing in this digital economy.  While there might be hesitation on which to add and which to hold off on, PayPal continues to be a “must have”. 

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Braintree Acquired by eBay to Expand PayPal’s Mobile Marketshare

In a move to expand PayPal’s mobile payments position in the marketplace, PayPal owner eBay has acquired payments gateway Braintree for $800M, announced today.  In addition to being a payments gateway, Braintree also owns mobile payments solution Venmo, which it acquired last year.  Venmo allows users to pay each other via text messaging, among other things.  As an increasing number of consumers are transacting on mobile devices and with merchants looking to capitalize in omnichannel marketing, this is a very interesting acquisition to watch.  eBay expects the deal to close in the fourth quarter of this year.



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