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Survey and Audit
The first step towards payment processing optimization is a deep understanding of what, how and why you do what you do today. Our survey drives to the heart of your current policies, practices and partnerships, revealing areas of strength, softness and opportunity while providing the kind of insight that will contribute to the development of a set of performance enhancement recommendations that will suffuse customers and cash back to your bottom-line.

Our survey includes, but is not limited to:
• Acquirers, Processors, Gateways
• Alternate Payment Methods
• Authorization Tools & Techniques
• Chargeback Prevention & Resolution
• Consumer Messaging & Notifications
• Contract Review & Negotiation
• Debit / Pre-paid Card Handling
• Decline Recovery Strategies
• Descriptor Optimization
• Expiration Date Optimization
• Fee Reduction
• Fraud Prevention / Screening
• Interchange Optimization
• International Processing
• Marketing Initiatives, Products & Services
• Merchant Category Classifications
• Order Management & Billing Systems
• Performance Benchmarking / Reporting
• PCI Compliance
• Product Fulfillment Strategies
• Record Indicator Usage
• KPI Statistical Analyses
• Updater Programs
• Vendor Operations Review

Process Optimization
PLC gets down and dirty in your nitty-gritty transactional details, yet is keenly aware of the big-picture issues influencing and impacting the world of payments. This multi-competency allows us to appropriately cast a vision for – and produce – the kind of Optimization Plan that puts you in a position to succeed because of your credit card process, not despite it.

Best Practices Application
A bevy of best practices are available to help merchants charge cards more effectively. Some are broad and sweeping while others are nuanced and delicately balanced. PLC is especially skilled at fine-tuning the implementation of all these best practices, leaving no stone unturned in the continued effort to maximize payment processing performance.

Decline Prevention and Recovery
Involuntary customer churn caused credit card declines has reached epidemic proportions. A weak economy (NSF and delinquency), prepaid card intrusion and rampant fraud/card re-issuance have conspired to render significant challenges to transactional approval rates. PLC has incisive expertise in overcoming those challenges by optimally deploying the weapons and tools that both pro-actively prevent and re-actively repair the customer relationships under duress from these issues. What we do for merchants in this area is worth its weight in saved customers.

Chargeback Prevention and Resolution
PLC drills down into chargebacks to determine what’s really generating them – and put procedures in place to help head them off at the pass in the future. We also assist in setting up attractive and rewarding methods of customer-dispute resolution, many of which improve customer service and drive down chargeback rates simultaneously. Finally, we are often effective advocates for our merchants whenever chargebacks bring them into harm’s way with their processors or the card companies/associations.

Processor Selection and RFP Services
There’s hardly a partner more profoundly important to your profitability than your merchant acquirer. We are intently aware of who the best-in-class ones are and can direct you to the champion you need. You can feel comfortable and confident with our guidance since we are completely independent and receive absolutely no remuneration from any processor. And it’s not all about getting the best price (though that is not unimportant). Performance, policies, practices, products, pedigree and philosophy all have to be factored into the decision as well. Should you prefer – or be required – to perform an RFP for merchant processing services, we are especially adept at putting those together – both in terms of getting the right competitors to the table and asking the right questions. We believe in the kind of comprehensive, yet succinct approach to engagement that will yield the best processor, with the best practices, at the best price. As an fyi, we also are deeply familiar with the third-party subscription order management entities and have performed many an RFP for our merchants wanting to outsource their billing system.

Contract Negotiations
We are not mercenaries. But we can appropriately discern a fair, unfair, attractive or aggressive deal. PLC can help you arrive at a satisfying conclusion to your price negotiations with your acquirer – without burning any bridges in the process.