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There’s hardly a partner more profoundly important to your profitability than your merchant acquirer. We are intently aware of who the best-in-class ones are and can direct you to the champion you need. You can feel comfortable and confident with our guidance since we are completely independent and receive absolutely no remuneration from any processor. And it’s not all about getting the best price (though that is not unimportant). Performance, policies, practices, products, pedigree and philosophy all have to be factored into the decision as well. Should you prefer – or be required – to perform an RFP for merchant processing services, we are especially adept at putting those together – both in terms of getting the right competitors to the table and asking the right questions. We believe in the kind of comprehensive, yet succinct approach to engagement that will yield the best processor, with the best practices, at the best price. As an fyi, we also are deeply familiar with the third-party subscription order management entities and have performed many an RFP for our merchants wanting to outsource their billing system.