As a recurring billing merchant, you are not alone in experiencing a host of credit card processing challenges. Whether you are losing 30% or greater of revenue due to expired cards, or you are seeing an upward trend of declined debit or prepaid cards due to insufficient funds, or you are experiencing any of the other host of issues that can arise as a card not present merchant, you don’t have to lose out on this revenue.Learn More
PLC possesses deep industry knowledge and maintains a dynamic list of best practices that allow us to quickly diagnose our clients’ problems, quickly reverse the gears to stop the bleeding, and then accelerate in the right direction to greater profitability.Learn More
  • Realize significant savings in card processing costs
  • Increase revenues through improved customer retention
  • Avoid credit card company penalties
  • Increase the life expectancy of your business
  • Increase the lifetime value of a customer
  • Build greater continuity for current and future programs (some graphic bullet or highlight here or make text bold) Increase your bottom line
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What Clients Say

PLC worked with our development team to design and implement a superior decline recovery strategy and reporting process in record time. This resulted in a statistically significant lift in performance and better visibility into the authorization process.
Michael McCurdy, 
Director Subscription Services for $100K (The Ladders)